A Determined Stretch

This writing challenge has made me realize that I haven’t stretched myself in this arena for ‘awhile’. I decided to change careers mid-life and started teaching in my early 40’s. After two years of teaching elementary SPED, and two years in the corporate training arena, I am now in a general education classroom teaching third grade. As I reflect on my years of teaching, none of them have had provided the opportunity to demonstrate writing beyond the ‘basics’. My primary focus teaching writing to both SPED students and third graders is how to write a complete sentence, correct punctuation, etc. So, I am feeling stretched, but quite determined to reconnect with my creative side. I liken it to ice skating after not having done so for 20 years……quite possibly a little clumsy at first!

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I am a third grade teacher in northwestern Wisconsin. I enjoy being outdoors with my family fishing on Lake Superior, snowshoeing, and riding motorcycles. I enjoy my own quiet time in the garden, digging in the dirt, and growing delicious vegetables!

6 thoughts on “A Determined Stretch

  1. I feel as if you and I are kindred spirits. I teach second grade. I started stretching myself as a writer this summer, and had hope to make a huge impact in the classroom in fall. Unfortunately, I resorted to what I knew and what was comfortable. I now wish I could stretch myself as a writer and my Scholars as well.

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    1. There are many things I wish I had done this school year (or done differently), but I have decided that the school year isn’t over and there is still time to switch gears! The kids don’t need to know our plan was to do this from the beginning of the year, so go ahead and try whatever you wanted to in August, something is better than nothing! 👍.

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  2. A Determined Stretch- a good title. It is nice to learn a little about what brings you here to the challenge. Now, some stories! I’ll bet your third graders give you stories to tell 🙂


  3. What a profound, reflection Holly. Your phrases “stretched myself” and “quite determined to reconnect with my creative side” help me understand you as a person willing and wanting to grow. What a thoughtful slice!


  4. I feel stretched myself after reading your writing bit on a day that I’m recovering from a Vertigo attack yesterday. Also an ex teacher, all grades and eventually adults but now getting a Career Counselling business up and running but words are my thing! I should be resting after an injection for dizziness. However, if you can fin time as a busy teacher then so can I – you go girl!


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