Opinions Are So Cool!

So a unique thing happened in my classroom today and it was SO COOL! We are working on an opinion writing project and I have to say that on a normal day writing isn’t something the majority of my students get excited about (despite my best efforts to make it entertaining and fun). But I must have an abnormally opinionated group of 3rd graders because when I announced they had two minutes to wrap up their work for the day, there were shouts of protest……YES PROTEST……in having to STOP writing! One young man was nearly in tears because he was almost to the point of being able to type his final draft and exclaimed, “Mrs. Holly, I just HAVE to finish!” What a strange feeling it was to force children to stop writing. I assure you, if they hadn’t had to physically leave the classroom for another time of instruction I would have let them work as long as they wanted……SO COOL!

Published by hollysqrd

I am a third grade teacher in northwestern Wisconsin. I enjoy being outdoors with my family fishing on Lake Superior, snowshoeing, and riding motorcycles. I enjoy my own quiet time in the garden, digging in the dirt, and growing delicious vegetables!

7 thoughts on “Opinions Are So Cool!

    1. I think they are finally realizing that if they follow the writing process, it is not as daunting as they once thought – but thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂


  1. Your enjoyment of writing must be bleeding down to your students. How awesome that they value their thoughts enough to want to keep sharing them through their writing! Way to go, teacher!

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