Equal Opportunity Crisis

Today began as any day normally does, stretching in the living room. Then my admirer spoke sweetly to me before preparing my breakfast. Ahhh, I have a good life! As I snuggled into my chair after filling my belly, it was quiet for awhile and I thoroughly enjoyed the silence compared to most days when the family is bustling about the house.

But then it began to change. An unexpected trip to town, strange these days. We arrived at a new place I had never been before, my admirer spoke on the phone and it was all about me, well at least it sure sounded like it was about me (I could only hear one side of the conversation). Finally, the call ended and we were out of the car heading towards the new place with new people. Why are we not going in? Why is my admirer giving me to this new person, this is wrong! Now I’m inside, but alone with these strangers.

OUCH! What was that for? Why are you doing that?

OUCH! Again, what’s this all about? I know, I’ll do my jumping thing and get away. Guess not, they’re pretty quick. I hope this is almost over.

Finally, I see the door and I think we’re going out. Outside at last and there she is, my admirer! I’m so excited I have to pee right now. It’s all making sense now, the constant news stories I’ve been overhearing the past few weeks have affected even me, the family beagle. Going to the vet is scary enough, but going alone is down right cruel! Pandemics aren’t just affecting humans, they’re an equal opportunity crisis for pets as well!

Be safe out there!

Published by hollysqrd

I am a third grade teacher in northwestern Wisconsin. I enjoy being outdoors with my family fishing on Lake Superior, snowshoeing, and riding motorcycles. I enjoy my own quiet time in the garden, digging in the dirt, and growing delicious vegetables!

5 thoughts on “Equal Opportunity Crisis

  1. Ha ha, I loved this! It was fun thinking it was a human writing initially. Thanks for this touch of humor; our dogs must be so confused.

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  2. So cute! I loved how your changed perspective led to a very entertaining story! I bet your sweet pet is loving all the extra attention. I’ve thought a lot about what my dog thinks of all this extra mom time! Annoying or fun? Hard to tell sometimes. And…God bless vets!! So glad they are still there to take care of our furry friends! 🙂

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  3. Too funny Holly! I really thought your husband was giving you the sweet talk and breakfast in the beginning. I saw the notice that the vet had changed things so no one was allowed in with their pets. What an unhappy surprise for your dog on a trip that was already going to be stressful.

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