I usually pride myself on not overthing things, but today was different. You see, I’ve had a cough/cold for about 10 days and it has progressively gotten worse. In any other period of time, this would not surprise me or probably even bother me, but this time is different. Today I read more than the usualy number of pop-up news articles about the latest information on COVID-19 and the symptoms that are “now” being documented. And after reading nearly two dozen articles I realized that the “new” symptoms weren’t new at all. All documented cases progress very quickly, involve fevers that escalate quickly and shortness of breath (I realize now I wasted a good deal of time doing my research). So, I have self-diagnosed myself as NOT having COVID-19 because after suffering with this crud for almost 14 days there is still an absense of fever (thankfully)! But on the bright side, I did rest a lot today while doing all that research, so hopefully I feel better tomorrow than I did today. And my plan for tomorrow is to ignore all those pop-up news articles and actually accomplish something. 🙂

Published by hollysqrd

I am a third grade teacher in northwestern Wisconsin. I enjoy being outdoors with my family fishing on Lake Superior, snowshoeing, and riding motorcycles. I enjoy my own quiet time in the garden, digging in the dirt, and growing delicious vegetables!

4 thoughts on “Overthinking…..

  1. Oh my gosh Holly! I had the same hypochondriac moments today and yesterday. I finally decided (with the help of my annoyed family) that I’m just finally slowing down enough to get the crud my students had for the last month. Ugh! I hope you keep getting plenty of rest. Feel better soon!

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