Watching From a Distance

Today has been a good day for my soul. Our adult son was here for another visit, that makes two in as many weeks. This has been a silver lining for our family during this crazy pandemic. I love his visits as he is my child that loves conversation. We’ve arrived at the point in our relationship where he seeks our advice, but knows the decisions are his, and where we can become friends (this is my favorite part).

He is four years older than his sister, our youngest. In a way I feel she has missed out these past two years because he has been on his own. She has missed having a sibling home in her high school years, someone to vent to when we don’t let her do what she wants, and someone immediately available to do silly stuff with. Before he left home, he would take her along when he went bowling, for ice cream and pizza, and was a great role model for her. Now when he comes to visit, they are reestablishing this bond, but with a twist. When they spontaneously decide to go for ice cream (only because there was real concern Dairy Queen may close for an indefinite amount of time), she informs him that she will be driving! This takes him back for a moment and I love seeing that playfulness between them again.

Then she realizes her brother has a skill set she is lacking, but could benefit from. She wants some of her old horseshoes welded together for a hat rack. She butters him up by asking if he has done any welding lately. Then asks him ever so politely if he would want to ‘help’ her make something. He is instantly intrigued with the idea and they set to work designing the rack on her bedroom floor. Before long they are working side by side in the garage creating a masterpiece. The hat rack ends up being exactly what she wanted and he is proud of helping to create it. I watch from a distance, the masterpiece I see is the friendship they have.

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I am a third grade teacher in northwestern Wisconsin. I enjoy being outdoors with my family fishing on Lake Superior, snowshoeing, and riding motorcycles. I enjoy my own quiet time in the garden, digging in the dirt, and growing delicious vegetables!

6 thoughts on “Watching From a Distance

  1. I agree…there are some silver linings to this crazy world right now. I enjoyed the picture you painted of the friendships in your family, both between you and your son and your son and his sister. How lovely. This line was beautifully crafted and so meaningful: “I watch from a distance, the masterpiece I see is the friendship they have.”

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  2. “Before long they are working side by side in the garage creating a masterpiece.” What a beautiful image you have created for your reader. I could almost see this event unfold as their bond grew stronger. You are indeed finding the silver lining. Lovely slice! Thank you.


  3. Adult children are definitely different than those at home, but I love having two daughters who are on their own and thriving. I hope your daughter learns to weld for herself, especially since she’s already got a teacher!

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