5 Random Things

So I read a post that inspired me to try something I hadn’t considered – write 5 random things about myself. On my way out of school tonight I was having a conversation with another teacher about sports we played in high school, so that will be my jumping off point!

  1. In high school I ran cross country and I was TERRIBLE at it, but I perservered through the season (yes, I only made it one season).
  2. I garden, mostly because I like to dig in dirt!
  3. I absolutely detest dusting my house, but clutter makes me crazy.
  4. My favorite appetizer is deep fried pickles.
  5. I can’t wait for spring so I can get the motorcycle out of the garage.

A Determined Stretch

This writing challenge has made me realize that I haven’t stretched myself in this arena for ‘awhile’. I decided to change careers mid-life and started teaching in my early 40’s. After two years of teaching elementary SPED, and two years in the corporate training arena, I am now in a general education classroom teaching third grade. As I reflect on my years of teaching, none of them have had provided the opportunity to demonstrate writing beyond the ‘basics’. My primary focus teaching writing to both SPED students and third graders is how to write a complete sentence, correct punctuation, etc. So, I am feeling stretched, but quite determined to reconnect with my creative side. I liken it to ice skating after not having done so for 20 years……quite possibly a little clumsy at first!


As I stood at the top of the hill, scanning the magnificant view in front of me, I wondered why do I feel the need to do this? I could just stay right here and take in the breathtaking scene. But if I did that, I’d miss out on that feeling of the snow spraying out from under my ski as I glide side to side across the run, the wind in my face as I fly past the one skiier who is going slower than I am, and the sense of accomplishment when I make it to the bottom without my body making contact with the ground. Yes, this is how I feel each time I stand at the top of a downhill ski run. And each time, as I drive away, I am glad I took the risk because life without risk isn’t very fulfulling. Tonight I am fulfilled and thankful to be home, comfortable in my easy chair, and so appreciative for the memories made with family and friends!

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